World Sesame & Peanut Conference 03 - 05 Sept 2023 @ Movenpick Resort & Spa, Dead Sea, Jordan

Concluded Successfully

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Inaugural Session

  • Sesame seed and Peanut (Groundnut) are two of the most important edible oilseeds of the world.
  • Most of the production of sesame and peanut happens during June-October period. So, a conference just ahead of the most important crop season would be very purposeful for the stakeholders.
  • Many of the countries export both sesame seed and peanuts. For example Brazil, India, Sudan, Nigeria, Senegal to name a few.
  • Like-wise, China is the largest importer of both sesame seed and peanuts.
  • Value-addition opportunities are tremendous in both sesame and peanuts and hence continuous exchange of ideas, insights and knowledge would unlock value for the industry.
  • Concerns on food safety such as allergen concerns are also similar for both sesame and peanuts. Hence, here too, a collective action is very important in addressing the issues.
  • Based on the commonality of export and import origins, timing of majority of produce, opportunities and concerns, it was decided to combine sesame and peanuts from 2023 and make it as a single conference for the benefit of the industry.